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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oakes and the crew on Beast Day!

Well, it was a GREAT day for Beasting(at our stand at least)!  I was working with Nate, Jeremy, and Andrew, and we had a string of awesome customers who were really into our drawings and we stayed pretty steady, business wise, for pretty much the whole day.  We all kind of mentioned our holiday and explained to them what it was about, and they thought it was a fun idea.  We didnt get any rejects, so to me it was a success.   Andy, and Francesca werent so lucky over at Pets, but they'll have their own BEAST HEAD DAY next time they work and post some pics. 

These next few sketches I did in the previous days getting warmed up for Beasthead Day.

This is Nate's friend from Ecuadaor, he was really nice and he had fun face to draw.


Also, we all drew ourselves as BEASTS and taped them to our easels!

Jeremy's was my favorite

Afterwards, we hung them up in the office.......
here's mine.

Andy did two
This is what happened to Jeremy after a full day of Beasting it


Aaron said...

those is some amazing drawings!

justfrancesca said...


David Wolter said...

man these are fantastic. That kid on the bike... just incredible.

Mr. Urzua said...