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Monday, April 20, 2009

Nate Kap

Maaaaan, how cool is this?  I saw this dude at the stand for a litte while, and he ends up gettin drawn by Nate.  I overheard them two talking about caricatures and caricature artists.  It turns out he's a self-taught caricature artist from Germany, and he was in San Diego with a group of people(friends/family?) and he wanted to come to Sea World to watch me draw/ get drawn by me.  I didnt draw him but at least Nate did this incredible sketch of him( I'm posting this cause he didnt have his camera).  But that just makes me so grateful to be able to post my artwork on the web and have people from all over the world be into it.  You know what?  I like art stalkers:)


Aaron said...

Nate told me the story it it was pretty awesome. That's a sweet sketch.

justfrancesca said...

Way cool!!

Arneson Artworks said...

Great stretch. Not sur about the likeness, but great stretch.