This is a blog where the beasts of San Diego come and share their talents both from inside the theme parks and outside in their own world. Anything goes, so prepare for a truly beasted experience.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A lil poem for yall BEAST HEADS

Caricature artists, its time for a FEAST,
we are asking you all to bring out your BEAST!

On this Monday, April the 13th,
draw their big gums, his big nose, her big teeth.

Its a day to expand, to try something new,
let their unique face tell you what to do.

Don't be afraid to draw what you see,
"JACK SOME FACES!", says Nate Kapnicky.

Go Crazy, exaggerate, stretch and destroy,
ANNIALATE that sweet little boy.

Just say to the customer "Its all in good fun",
dont forget to take pics so we can see what you've done!


Aaron said...

That's marvolous!

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

Best of luck to you beast heads on this fine International Jack 'em Up day.

justfrancesca said...

I like this!