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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oakes Beastathon

Day 4: This first couple were great to draw! They waited for me and they had just the right amount of interesting stuff going on. You know what I mean? He's got that awesome hair and a soul patch, to go along with his face which was pretty easy to figure out. She's got the big eyes, big lips, big hair, big earrings( which I didnt draw her right one, oops) and big belly. FUUUNN stuff.

Day 3: Only took a couple pictures today, it's Saturday so I was trying to draw fast and was competing with Andy for sales(I took him down).
Next time I do a wrestler sketch I'm going to try to improve on this idea. I think the angle could have been much more dynamic, but I liked trying to capture the moment of the other wrestler trying to get up as he's about to get hit.

Day 2: So far, so good. Today, my marker was singin' for me, as Aaron would say, and I also had a ton of great faces! I couldn't help by take my time on a lot of them. All together I drew 26 people today, but these were the ones I liked the best!

Nate's gonna have a fit after he see's this first guy. He's wearing a Steelers jersey, but he wanted to be drawn playing for the Cowboys!! He's lucky Nate didnt draw him

"Wrestlin' an octopus." Thats what she wanted!

He asked for a sea lion and this is what came out of me, a giant floating rat. I thought by his facial expression he needed a cigarette.

Sorry, you may have seen me just do this exact body situation, but I loved the way the guy turned out. I just wish I got a better picture of him. It wasnt even good enough to show here, use your imagination.
This girl wanted to be drawn baking.........Shamu. Not so happy with the likeness, but you just cant beat baking Shamu!


Jamie Rockwell said...

Holy $#%&, Oakes.

Punching a shark in the face is pretty funny, but the baking Shamu sketch almost made me shoot coffee out of my nose.


Bee-Huff said...

I can hear the phone ringing right now..."hello? Oh, hi sea world, yeah, that was my employee that baked shamu...I understand, here is my soul."

Aaron said...

yer sik

Mr. Urzua said...

I can hear the phone ringing right now..."hello? Oh, hi 'Oakes' self esteem' , yeah i can't be beat."

sorry Oakes3000. but i do enjoy the fuss, thanx for the encouragement.

Zitman said...

Ill be posting eveyrday blah blah blah....

Brian Oakes said...

weelll..i did say I'll try not to forget....

but I do have pics... I'll post 'em up now!

Nelson Santos said...

Brilliant jobs, the top one is fantastic indeed.

Aaron said...

yer sik