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Friday, August 8, 2008

Relief sculpture of Patrick

Here's Pat

Here's beast Pat


Did this for a friend at work who is leaving, had fun doing it. It's made from plaster of paris, toilet paper, jello, and my hair...just kidding. Disapointed that I couldn't fit the glasses on though...but he doesn't even have eyes in the sculpture anyways.


justfrancesca said...

wow. It looks like him, too! What part's the jello?

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...


Oscar Torres said...

Jello is part of the mix: Plaster of paris + toilet paper + jello (in liquid form). The mix is suppose to keep the plaster from hardening quickly, damn thing is pretty heavy too. I'd say it's around 15-20lbs?

Nate said...

thats a heavy head, awesome!!