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Friday, August 8, 2008

Lil' B-day sketches

So my birthday was last week and I asked some people to draw me for my b-day. I got some awesome ones....

Jeff Pecina

Eggs Philby

Nate Kidnappy

Brian Morante

Ryan Mayshus

Gabe Hunt

Andy Urzua

(.....still waitin on lil Beau, lil Oakes, and lil Manny's sketches of me. Ill post them up when I get them.)


justfrancesca said...

you're lucky, Kev!

Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

These are some great sketches! Good birthday idea. Get a better picture of that painting and stop taking pictures with your cell phone! Geesshhh!
You can steal a better image of it on my blog.I'll let you just this once lil'Kev(tm)

Aaron said...

Sweet sketches all around. Ps. I should have let you photoshop my version of the pick.

jeff said...

but that pecina sketch is clean tho!
a lil sun?
some uh, happy flowers?

Joe Bluhm said...

uh... you guys are f*@#ing awesome!