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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Two more

Speaking of scary babies, I just heard that a fellow named Bert on the National Caricature Network forum posted a truly scary baby in the "In the Chair" section. He mentioned the scary baby portion of this site as being an inspiration. If you wanna see, you can go right here. But anyway, it's a real sketch of a real baby and it looks hideously awesome with a nasty under-bite and everything. Then there was a big to do on the forum about it with all manner of lively discussion featuring the likes of Tom Richmond and Joe Bluhm, and, well, it was pretty funny to see that. Just so y'all know, none of these babies on SeaWorld SanDiego Beast Heads are actual paid park sketches, they're made up from our head. Now I don't think it's such a good idea to try to make any baby extra scary if it isn't scary to begin with and bla bla bla, customer service, bla bla bla, but the woman was apparently trying to tell Bert how to draw, so I say, she had it coming. Rock on for scary babies!

Brian Morante Sketch

By Enrigue


Dan said...

these scary babies are awesome. I saw bert's live one, and man that was wild.
I'm wondering though (becuase I am not a member of NCN), whwere Joe and Tom's opinions of Bert's live scary baby?

bert5693 said...

lol, dude thanks for the mention, and although i learned my lesson on custumer service blah blah blah... i truly feel like she had it coming. its always fun to see how much you can push a subject and babies is one of those that can either be the cuteest stamp or an amazing piece like some of the ones in this blog, i commend the founding fathers of the scary babies sketch, for now the tampa crew will try to match or top your scary babies.
lol and thanks again for the inspiration.

mannyfresh said...

Hey man, that scary baby you drew was awesome. Look I know about the whole costumer service thing, but sometimes we just have to have some fun. Usually the costumer is pleased with something horrible, or displeased with something great. THE COSTUMER IS ALWAYS WRONG!(well sometimes) Can you blame them? no, some are not into art.(which is ok) Which is the precise reason sometimes we should do whatever we want. Great going.

Joe Bluhm said...

The priority is likeness. Even if it's a wicked-crazy nasty sketch, it should look like the person if you're going to parade a drawing around.

If you're making up a face, go to town- I did that all the time.

But when it's a paying customer, the only drawings worth parading around are the ones that look like the guests. That's the challenge and the number one priority in caricature. To deny that is to sell yourself short.

I love crazy baby sketches (founders Bert?... check out REJECTS!) - but the likeness MUST be there or it's just a strange and mean drawing.

Keep your gusto, keep beastin' and keep doing crazy new stuff. There are also many other ways to get an annoying guest to walk away from your caricature stand.

But always go for likeness, no matter how cute/crazy you go.

Joe Bluhm said...
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Aaron said...

We'll let you be a founder with us, Joe. It's all good.

mannyfresh said...

Cheers to Joe, our new founding father. Hip Hip Hurray!

Pink Mitten Syndicate said...

Joe, I'm sure Bert has seen "Rejects." It's been a while since it came out so it's probably just a little bit blurry to him.

Nate said...
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Nate said...
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Joe Bluhm said...

I HATE (and love) YOU GUYS! :)