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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Show me the Munny

Wuts up yall, Brian Oakes here! So for Cinco De Mayo we decided to celebrate by decorating some Munnys and getting together for a blind trade. Makes sense right? If you don't know what a Munny is, its a 7" tall vinyl toy that comes in white, black or glow in the dark that you get to paint on, draw on, sculpt on, or do whatever to customize it yourself. They start out looking like this...

...and they come with a surprise accessory. Acrylic paint works really well on them or spray paint, and you can use sculpey to add stuff because they're okay to bake!

Here's what we all came up with!

By Blanca, Nate Kapnicky and Brian Oakes

By Julia Chambers, Jose and Elise

By Johanna, Tiffany and Andy Urzua(VOLTRON What?!?!)

By Christina Cruz, Kevin Jackson and Brianna

By Diego Estolano(Kirby eating Mario's head!), Francesca Nunez and Patrick Martinez


bert5693 said...

dude these are so creative and effin cool, so where can you get them? how much are they?

chris chUa! said...

they're all really well done, and man! that one of kirby eating mario is pure genius!

Brian Oakes said...

You can get them at Urban Outfitters, and they're around $11

Danny-Oh! said...

LMFAO! awww, there's my "diva showgirl"! lol i still have andy's "voltron", actually. which i kept calling "transformer". lol >_< its somewhere in my closet...