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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Andy drawing in japan

at kages office, i drew Derek Edwards

at shopping mall, my display. got to draw some cute kids, but i really wanted to draw some crazy faces. no luck.

i drew in someones guest book for a wedding.

went visit friends, and the owner wanted me to draw everyone....with a brush and ink bottle....and i was kind drunk.....was very fun. the only photo of a drawing worth taken though....geesh.

in Harajuko, where i set up a caricature stand on my own......i got some business, made some friends.....with other street vendors and performers.....we almost got busted by the cops....but luckly one vendor warned everyone before anything got out of hand. ill try again soon :)

cute lolita girl.....

some lady and her friends got drawn, they were from Tiawan
crazy performers

kages face with my speed competition example

.....more to come later


Brendon Neumar said...

I know there's a Derek Edwards who's a comedian, but I don't think that's him.

Derek Edwards said...

Thanks for the great picture. Glad you found some places to work here with out any major problems.

Brian Oakes said...

Did that Lolita girl have some kinda knubby hand?

Mr. Urzua said...

yeah, she did have a knubby hand....

finally someone who actually matches with the hands i draw.

hope u guys havent forgotten about me over there.

Mr. Urzua said...

hey thanx derek.....yeah i drew on train the other day with my friend ayumi.....for two hours on the yamenote line. tripped people out...i drew about twelve or more people,,,ill post on that later.....she took the pictures.

glad u dug the drawing, see u at the minicon

Nate said...

Japandys beastin

Mr. Urzua said...

hey thanx nate, i cant wait for the mini con