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Saturday, June 21, 2008

one sweet ol' lady

so this lady was rolling around all by herself...when i asked if she would like to be drawn as a demonstration, just for fun, you know the ones....as i started drawing her she started to become someone that i felt i had known for years...a very friendly beautiful person....who held very interesting conversation, about art and the world...so after a bit of a chat...i showed it to her...she enjoyed it....almost to much....so i just gave it her. a real sweet ol' lady, hope i run into more people like her.
hope your foot "heels" soon....ha!


Beautastic! said...

I hope you don't run into too many more people like this. You keep spending too much time on a drawing that you give away for free and there will be no Urzua on the SD Beast Blog. Geesh. What a softie.

Aaron said...

Just look at that woman in the wheelchair milkin the system!

justfrancesca said...

Love it, Andy!

linz said...

What if she pulled the same story at every stand? That would be hilarious.

Anonymous said...

f'n crips