This is a blog where the beasts of San Diego come and share their talents both from inside the theme parks and outside in their own world. Anything goes, so prepare for a truly beasted experience.

Friday, July 31, 2009


who drew this awesome caricature of ghostbusters

hello everyone. This is Andy here and theres something thats been bugging me for awhile now , see.. i'm a huge fan of the Ghostbusters, i've seen the first and the second ghostbusters movies many times, but just the other night i was watching the first film when right after the Ghostbusters catch Slimer at this real fancy hotel, a montage of mock-up media spots run through, showing interviews and fake magazine clippings. One in which there was an awesome caricature that had been done of Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, and Harold Ramis as their characters in the film. So my couriousity immediately kicked in, i was determined to find out who had drawn it. i've checked out all searches of old and new caricatures of the ghostbusters...but theres only so much that most search engines could provide. so i guess what i asking is, does anyone out there have any idea who might of drawn this... thanx

Sunday, July 12, 2009

happy hot day ala beasts

nate and i worked today. and man was it awesome. for some reason we both came in strong and ready to work. every face just spoke out some how. the paper was great and the markers werent dry. and every costumer loved us. heres to more great days like this.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sarah Stieber's Art Show

Seasonal Beastress, Sarah Stieber has art up at Filter, the gay coffee shop on 30th. There's gonna be a lil reception over there on Saturday around 4 something for anyone thats into beautifully rendered prophalactics and what have you. It might sound strange, but I assure you it's all kosher. Stop in and see her work any other time during the week if you can't make Saturday. It won't be up for too much longer. So there you have it. Sarah's art show at Filter. Reception on Saturday. Name's Aaron Philby.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

#1 Mermaid, #2 Shamu, Dolphin/Shark tied for #3

Well I suppose you all feel I have failed this Beastathon. And you are correct. I made it four days, and I then was defeated by the pressure to draw fast and make money. I drew and drew and ended up making $1100 two Saturdays in a row.

However, do not give up on me, for I have still been taking photos, which I will post on my own blog, hopefully tomorrow.